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Mewbot is the pokemon bot you've been looking for to spice up your server


Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them? https://duckhunt.me


Divination made accessible! In-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, + horoscopes, 8-Ball, & more!

<DSW> Bot

A fun and multipurpose bots with image manipulation, meme commands, random photos of dogs, cats, foxes, t


Martine is a multipurpose bot that can boost the member engagement of your server!


Anti nuke, Anti raid, Anti spam, custom verification, advanced moderation, advanced utility and a lo


From NSFW, to Anime and Memes, AGB is the perfect bot for you and your server

Black Tooth

Black Tooth is a multi-purpose discord bot. It has features in the following categories: Fun Memey Action


A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history.

Ticket Tool

Ticketing without clutter. Support, Sales or Suggestions Ticket Tool can do it all! Ticket Bot.

EpicBot πŸ…

A simple, multipurpose Discord bot.


Share your favorite messages, images or memes by other users to earn stars.

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Eeveecord is the Freshest Pokemon Bot out there with a stablized economy and many features!

Goat β™‘β™‘β™‘

Goat is a multi-purpose bot. He includes a leveling system and an economy system which includes coins and


Mitsuha is a chatbot with fun,memey ,general, utility based and animal πŸ• commands.


Ullmina is a bot with commands basic for your Discord Server


Dank memes, Games, Trivia and image filters, music, meme generators, image search and more


Fear is a multi-functional Discord bot for a bunch of fun things!

Minato Namikaze

Konichiwa, myself Minato Namikaze, Konohagakure Yondaime Hokage, I try my best to do every work as a Hoka


An awesome Discord bot with over 50 commands! Perfect moderation, utility, fun, and more!


High quality Discord music bot with including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more!


A Multi purpose discord bot Used for fun , moderation , games , memes and Many More!

Aperture Experiments

A fun economy/games discord bot with some moderation commands.

ProBot ✨

Welcome images, voice/text levels per guild, logs, high quality music, moderation and many more

New Bots


A simple discord bot with simple and more useful functions such as: Administration, Music, Fun, Utilities


A simple multipurpose discord bot with FiveM features.


Izumi has many features for you to explore, from music to moderation. Invite Izumi today to explore all o


wintr is a multipurpose client with over 240+ command's & easy to use


I'm a waifu Discord bot based on ZeroTwo (Darling in the FranXX). I serve a variety of needs and have ton

Rellx || Mod

Easy to use bot for fun and moderation

Child Deku

Child Deku, Easy to use Multipurpose Discord Bot, Make your Discord Server cool with Child Deku!!


🏫 Learn about Ethereum and πŸ” look up addresses, transactions & blocks. ⚑ Ran by the Listcord team!

El Mod

All rules must be followed at all times. You are reasonable for you actions on your account, if broken yo


An awesome Discord bot with over 50 commands! Perfect moderation, utility, fun, and more!


F.R.I.D.A.Y is a TTS ( Text to Speech ) bot!


A advanced Discord music bot.