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DisCal integrates Google Calendar directly into Discord for easier management of your communities events and social gatherings. With superior support and features such as custom calendars, events, automated announcements, RSVPs, and more, Discal is the ultmate calendar bot.

DisCal is written in Kotlin and utilizes the Discord4J library.


All core features and functionality are included in DisCal, free forever.

  • Powerful in-server integration of google calendar (with other calendar hosts coming soon)
  • Custom calendar creation and editing
  • Event creation and editing
  • Automated announcement system to remind and alert users of upcoming events
  • Auto-updating calendar overview embeds for your community
  • Versatile and built for all communities
  • Web dashboard for bot and calendar management

Early Access (Patron only) Features

Patrons and supporters at the $5/month plans get access to work in progress and exclusive quality of life features.

  • External calendars (WIP, slightly broken)
    • Use an already existing calendar that is on your Google account with DisCal
  • Full Webdashboard (WIP)
    • Use the web dashboard to manage the bot, calendar, and more without a single command
    • Still very early in development
  • Server Branding
    • Hide the DisCal name and branding in favor of using your server’s name and images on announcements and embeds
  • Announcement Publishing
    • Announcements posted in news channels can be (optionally) automatically published so servers following the news channel receive them as well!
  • Gif support for event images
  • Automatically assign roles to users based on their RSVP status

Planned & Work in Progress Features

  • Multiple calendars per server
  • Even more powerful announcement and event configuration tools

Open Source

DisCal prides itself on being open source and is available on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.

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