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Alize is an All-In-One Bot featuring a variety of different Commands scaling from auto-moderation till resizing images.

It also features an Waifu and Husband Gacha - Collector and special minigames for collecting coins to pull for Waifus and Husbandos with a discord-wide Scoreboard who has the biggest Harem! This feature has no pay2win option and will never have.

Systems are all toggle able which are offline by default: Anti-Spam Mod Mail Ticket-System Logger (Logs deleted Messages and edited Messages) Censorship (You can put words and sentences which the bot will autodelete.) Media-Censorship (As good as all media will be censored server-wide -> You can set specific channels to allow media there.)

Help Command: @Alize help Every command has an help text: @Alize cmdhelp commandName You can get a list of all Categories: @Alize cathelp categoryName

This bot does not have any commands

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