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- A bot that is based on music and performance! This may not be a multipurpose bot, but at least it does the basics for this kind of bot :)

- For now, this bot needs no configuration to work properly. Just make sure to join a voice channel and run the /play <song or url> command and everything will be set up for you!

- To get a list of all the commands available, make sure to run the /help command. Also, you can always find some information on a certain one by doing /help <cmd>. The bot currently has 35 commands in it. In the future, there will be added more, so make sure to stay tuned for updates from the /changelog command!

- Always finding new ways of keeping it active and with the best performance possible for its discord users!

- You can always suggest new ways to improve the bot by running the /featurereq command!

- If you encounter any kind of errors, you can always either run the /bugreport <cmd> <reason> command or join our support server and contact us any time.

- Hope you enjoy having our bot!

- Join our support server by clicking here

- Invite the bot to your server by clicking here 🎉

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