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What is Game Tracker?

Game Tracker is an open-source Discord bot that is able to fetch stats from your favorite games. It’s also able to remember your account, so that you don’t need to remember it every time.

How can I add Game Tracker to my server?

It’s very simple:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Select the server you want to add the bot to (you must be owner/admin of the server)
  3. Confirm (the permissions asked are necessary, without them the bot could not work properly)

When added, the bot will message the server owner to inform them about the bot.

What are the available commands?

You can get a complete list of the commands by using the help command. The currently supported games are:

You can see the preview of each game’s commands by looking either at the docs (click the name of the game in the above list) or at the dedicated channel in the “examples” category of the support server.
More games are yet to come ;)

What if I have a problem?

You can get an invite for the support server through the support command.
For a more developer-friendly report, please use the Issues section of this repository: link

How can I contribute to the bot?

The first thing you can do to contribute is reporting the bugs you find.
If you’re a developer, you can also try fixing them/enhancing the bot by yourself: for that, please see the “How to contribute” section.

This bot does not have any commands

This bot uses slash commands, try typing / to see a list of commands

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