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Another multipurpose bot for all your server needs.
Command Categories

A category purely based on commands that bring fun to the server or joy to your face. It has more than plenty variety commands ranging from a typetest to see your typing speed; to commands that can make fun of your friends or even random games such as finding waldo!


This category is for logging using ForGetFul, changing the guild's prefix to something more of your preference, creating custom commands within your server, enabling/disabling commands on the bot, and much more that can be configured to your liking!


Primarily based to show random images such birds, cats, dogs, etc which many people are animal lovers so we dedicated a category just for those animals! Most of the commands are random which produce images for any use such as when you want to show your friend a dog, the shiba command is right by your side. If you want to spice up your background of your computer, the wallpaper command is your best friend!


Interaction commands are here to purely serve the people who love to roleplay or want a dynamic roleplay to spice up the time! Many images come from these commands that show the expression as the command's name!


Moderation commands for all those bad beans in the world that want to ruin your Discord experience. Don't let them just take over, best to bean them out of server with these commands or even just shut them up for some hours so the party keeps going on!


From a recent study from Nielson Music show that 90 percent of the population enjoys music so there is a category just for that reason! It supports spotify track links, youtube links, and simply typing the song's name and I will look for the song to play! You can practically edit the whole queue how you want it with the shuffle, skipto, and move command.


This category is specifically to hold commands based on all the commands that edits your profile for anyone to view if they are in the same guild as you. Your gained badges from the developer and your Discord badges will be displayed there with also your personal playlist where anyone can see your favorite songs you like. Just add a bio, footer, and embed color to fully setup your profile page!


This section is precisely for all the commands that don't got any category it fits in or information based commands to give you and information about the server, any user, roles, channels, etc. There are also some information based on me that you can check out which show some information on how many servers I am and so much more!


Well, this section is only for the ones who in a special mood if you get my drift 😉. Other than that, it's full of commands to satisfy that mood and it only takes one vote to gain those privileges for 12 hours straight!


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