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Previously known as Toxic Security Skynet is Discord best Anti Mod/Anti-Nuke Bot.

Protect your server against Malicious Users who want to.

• Ban or Mass Ban Users.

• Create Roles

• Delete Roles

• Delete Channels

And more.

Toxic Security sets Limits for all of the Events that can be triggered. If a user reaches or exceeds the limits the bot will remove all their roles as long as it has the needed permissions.


To ensure that the bot works correctly please make sure you provide it ADMINISTRATOR Permissions as well as make sure it has the highest position in the Role Hierarchy

Default Prefix



Change Prefix

sky.prefix {newPrefix}

• Replace {newPrefix} with a prefix of your choice.

Commands List - Shows the bots Help Message and a list of commands

sky.prefix - Shows the bots Current Prefix and how to change it.

sky.limits - Shows the current Server Limit settings for the bot.

sky.recent - Shows a list of Recent Events and the user who triggered them.

sky.reset - Resets the Limits to Default.

Default Server Limit Settings

• If any user attempts to Nuke the Server by triggering the following events and reaches or exceeds the following limits the bot will remove ALL their roles.

limits: {
        user_removals: {
            per_minute: 8,
            per_hour: 24
        role_creations: {
            per_minute: 4,
            per_hour: 12
        channel_creations: {
            per_minute: 4,
            per_hour: 12
        role_deletions: {
            per_minute: 4,
            per_hour: 12
        channel_deletions: {
            per_minute: 4,
            per_hour: 12
        unbans: {
            per_minute: 8,
            per_hour: 24


The best way to contact is VIA the Issues section of the Github Repo. (Fastest Response), You can also contact me on Twitter @TheRealToxicDev

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