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A fun and multipurpose bots with image manipulation, meme commands, random photos of dogs, cats, foxes, t


A fun bot that has a lot of variety commands including auto-memes , image manipulation , pictures of cat,dogs etc and more! example of some Commands -
  • *automeme - Auto memes!
  • *countdown - Countdown from specified secounds!
  • *help - Shows help message
  • *cat - Random picture of a meow
  • *dog - Random image of a doggo
  • *fox - Get a random floof boi
  • *google - Your text in google search bar
  • *meme - A random meme!
  • *wanted - Image Wanted person
  • *invite - Invite me to your server!
  • *fight - Test your fighting skills against a bot!
  • *pvp - Fight against another player!
  • *guess - Guess a number between 1 and 10
  • *rpg - Play a relaxing game of rock , paper scissors!

We have unique prestige commands like -

Type racer command
animated pvp gif
Fight command

Here are some examples of image manipulation commands!

drake meme format
drake meme
Scroll of truth

Still searching meme format


And way more image manipulation commands!Type *help for the list of all commands.

Invite the bot today to use all commands!

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