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Meme Man has a fully customizable economy, allowing you to create a virtual society for your server! Members compete with each other to win the top spot on the leaderboard, and you can also add incentives such as role rewards. It's a great way to engage your server!


Playing the game

The economy has a few main sections:

  • Income - A suite of income commands such as `work` and `rob`. 8 commands in this section. Cooldowns can be changed!
  • Stock Market - Invest your hard earned cash in the stock market - you can buy, sell, and even short shares! GME go brrr. 8 commands in this section.
  • Shop and Items - Buy powerups and pets to help you along in the game. Plus, server mods can make custom items which can have role rewards! 9 commands in this section.
  • Gambling - Blackjack, gambling and slot machines. 3 commands in this section.
  • Info - Stats about you and other players, such as balance and wallet. 5 commands in this section.
  • Lootboxes - A reward for those special people who vote! 2 commands in this section.


The economy comes with default presets, but you can change these. Options include setting cooldowns and adding custom items, and more! 11 commands in this section.


One of our most popular features! Get high-quality memes straight from reddit from a variety of subreddits, such as r/memes, r/dankmemes, r/mememan and more!

Image Manipulation

We use a powerful api to add a variety of features and filters to images, such as pixel, petpet, captcha generation and a ton more. 46 total commands.

Welcome/Leave Messages

Welcome your members with style! You can add variables to your message such as member name and/or mention, server name and member count, and it can be in an embed.

And more!

Meme Man is packed with extra features, such as:

  • Games - Play games such as the Logo Game and high low! 3 total commands.

  • Animals - Cute animals like red pandas and puppies! 9 total commands.

  • Fun - xkcd, 8ball, jokes and more! 9 total commands

  • Google Translate - Speaking another language is easy! 3 total commands.

  • Utility - Useful commands such as userinfo and server, plus poll and vote features!

Vote Rewards

Each time you upvote Meme Man, you get:

  • A guaranteed +20% income multiplier for the economy game
  • A 50% chance of winning a Lootbox
  • My eternal respect :)

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