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Hey there! Welcome to Assistant, we’re a very unique multipurpose discord bot that has many features. Features include: Moderation, Fun, Minecraft, Utility, Tickets, Economy, Animals, Social Media, Image-Generation, Chatbot API. The most used commands include: automeme (enable_automeme), snipe, snipeall, editsnipe, editsnipeall, covid, and economy commands. Assistant is one of the BEST multipurpose discord bots out there, with way too much commands. Want to play akinator? .akinator Want to talk to robots? .help chatbot Want to give someone a role for a specific amount of time? .temprole The list goes on, but I think you get it now.

You can use .help to see a list of all categories, and use .help to see the commands of a category. Auto Posting Messages: AUTOMEME: For you memers, we have automeme! actually EPIC memes AUTONSFW: For you weirdos, we have autonsfw! (why is this even a thing i need help) [NEW: We’ve added music, with filter support!]

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