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Reaction Roles

Give users roles when they react to a message!

How it works

Reaction Roles allows you to create something in your server called a reaction role. A reaction roles is a setup that will give users a role when they click a small emoji at the bottom of a message. You can use this to allow user to pick up different roles like colors or pings. You can also setup a verification system.

Get started

To create a new reaction role in your server you may run ==newrr. This will give you a step by step setup for the bot. If you find this taking to long you can use the one line command which may have bugs. ==rrcreate will setup a new reaction role in one line. Run the command for more info.

Moderation tools

If your server gets raided or you don’t want to give roles for a few min you can easily disable a reaction role in your server by running ==lock and then add the reaction role id or write “all” to lock all reaction roles. This command also works vice versa, ==unlock will do the same but unlocks a reaction role instead. Not sure what the reaction role id or status is? You can use ==rrs to see all reaction roles and their statuses.

If you like to delete a reaction role you may use ==delrr to delete one.


If you can’t figure something out feel free to join the Motion Development discord server for support if you need it!

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