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Automatically unarchive Discord threads

k!autounarchive #thread - Automatically unarchive a Discord thread, even without level 2 nitro boost.
Automatically unarchive Discord threads - Free nitro boost thread autoarchive - 3 day autoarchive free - 1 week autoarchive free

Stage / Karaoke Queue Command

k!stagequeue - Sends a list of who has their hands raised and how long ago they originally raised their hand.
ScrumpBot Karaoke Queue Stage Queue

Badge Count Command

k!badgecount - Sends a count of the total number of badges your users have on a server.
ScrumpBot Discord User Badge Count Command Count Server Member Badges With Commands

Automatic bump reminders for various websites

k!bumpreminder #channel - Sends a reminder every 6 hours to bump your server on
k!bumprole @role - Tags a specific role in the bump reminder message.
ScrumpBot Discord Bot automatic bump reminders bot

Invite Tracking

k!invitelog #channel - Sets the servers invite log, where invites can be tracked.
k!inviteembedtoggle - Changes the formatting of the invite log messages to a more readable state
k!invitecodes @member - See a members total invite codes & their uses ScrumpBot Invite Code Tracking Total Invite Count

User Captcha Verification

k!verify - Start the verify process
k!verifyrole @role - Set the servers verify role.
k!verifylog #channel - Set the verification log channel.
k!verifywelcome #channel - Send a message in a channel once a user is verified.
k!verifywelcomemessage [message] - Setup the verify message to send whatever you like.
Raid Protection Human Verification Captcha ScrumpBot Verify Welcome Command ScrumpBot Verify Welcome Command

Giveaway System

k!gstart - Start a giveaway! Includes role & server requirements.
k!greroll id - Reroll the giveaway winners.
k!gend id - End a giveaway instantly.
k!rolebonus @role amount - Give users with certain role(s) extra giveaway entries!
ScrumpBot Discord Giveaway Bot Commands

Levelling System

k!togglelevelling - Enable/Disable levelling
k!rolereward xp @role - Give users a certain role for reaching an XP milestone!
k!rolerewards - See the current milestone rewards!
k!xpearncooldown duration - Set a delay between how fast users can earn XP!
k!xppermessage amount - Set the servers global XP earning rate!
k!noxpchannel #channel - Stop a channel from earning users any XP.
ScrumpBot Discord Levelling Bot Commands ScrumpBot Discord Levelling Bot Commands

Sticky Messages

k!stickyadd #channel sticky message - Adds a sticky message to the specified channel, a sticky message is a message that is reposted after each new message from a member (and deletes the old sticky message) to make sure that the bots message is the first one they read. It's good for pinning important information in channels such as suggestions channels.
k!stickyremove #channel - Remove a sticky message from a channel.
ScrumpBot Discord Bot Sticky Message Feature Commands ScrumpBot Discord Bot Sticky Message Feature Commands

Emoji Management Commands

k!steal :emoji: - Steal an emoji from a server and have it automatically added to your server!
k!steal-these :emoji1: :emoji2: :emoji3: etc... - Steal multiple emojis at once!
k!deleteemoji :emoji: - Delete an emoji.
ScrumpBot Discord Emoji Deleting, Adding, Deleting and Stealing ScrumpBot Discord Emoji Role Lock Commands, lock an emoji to users with a certain role only.

Reputation Commands

k!rep @user - Give a user a reputation point.
k!myrep - See your total reputation points.
ScrumpBot Discord Member Reputation System

Misc Commands

k!voicerole @role - Setup a role that's given to users when they join a voice call & removed once they leave.
k!inviteinfo @user - Display invite information about a user.
k!unread #channel - Make the bot automatically mark that channel as unread.
k!pingjoin #channel - Make the bot ping all new users in a specified channel (deletes messages after sending).

Advanced Role Management Commands

Using a bot to edit/create/delete roles will avoid causing an outage on large servers.
(Large servers (usually 40k+ members) crash when a user edits/creates/deletes roles)
k!createrole - Opens up an interactive role creation menu.
k!editrole @role - Opens up an interactive role edit menu.
k!deleterole @role - Deletes a role.
k!autorole @role - Add/Remove a role from the autoroles list (given to people when they join).
k!moverolebelow @role_to_move @role_to_move_below - Move a role to below another role on the role list.
k!moveroleabove @role_to_move @role_to_move_above - Move a role to above another role on the role list.
k!setroleposition @role_to_edit new_position - Change a roles position on the role list (position started from the bottom at 1).
k!addrole @user @role - Give a member a role.
k!takerole @user @role - Take a role away from a member.
ScrumpBot Discord Role Management Commands

Visually display server stats

k!membercountgraph - Show the servers member count over time on a graph.
k!joingraph - Show the servers total daily joins on a graph.
k!leavegraph - Show the servers total daily leaves on a graph.
ScrumpBot Discord Member Count Join Graphs

Standard Features

k!disable command - Disable a command from being used.
k!enable command - Enable a previously disabled command.
k!enlarge :emoji: - Enlarge an emoji!
k!joined @user - See how many days ago a user joined the server.
k!userinfo @user - See some information about a user.
k!avatar @user - Enlarge a users avatar.
k!setprefix newprefix - Change the bots prefix to your liking.
k!ping - See the bots ping.

Marriage system

k!marry @user - Marry a user.
k!married @user - See who a user is married to.
k!divorce @user - Divorce a user.
ScrumpBot Discord Roleplay Marriage Commands

Action / Emotion Commands

k!clap @user
k!dance @user
k!laugh @user
k!shrug @user
k!run @user
k!pout @user
k!cry @user
k!sleepy @user
k!bonk @user
k!bite @user
k!handshake @user
k!choke @user
k!spank @user
k!cuddle @user
k!headpat @user
k!hug @user
k!kill @user
k!kiss @user
k!lick @user
k!poke @user
k!punch @user
k!slap @user
k!stare @user
k!tickle @user
k!wave @user
k!handhold @user
k!kabdeon @user
k!boop @user
ScrumpBot Discord Bot Emotion and Action Commands


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