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My prefix is tp!, to understand how to use me, do tp!help - and I will show you all of my commands.

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Why Should I use AGB?

I have the Following Features:

Moderation, Fun, General Information About Users/Servers 24/7 Bot Uptime, Free and easy to use, No Bugs, Customizable Prefix, Fast response time, Always watching chat.

Here are my commands:


  1. eightball - Ask 8ball

  2. pp - See how much someone is packing :flushed:

  3. serverchart - Generates a pie chart, representing the last 1000 messages from every allowed channel in the server. As example: For each channel that the bot is allowed to scan. It will take the last 1000 messages from each channel. And proceed to build a chart out of that. This command has a global serverwide cooldown of 2000 seconds.

  4. covid - Covid stats. Provide a country via it’s ISO code. Common codes: US: United States GB: Great Britan, CN: China, FR: France, DE: Germany

  5. coinflip - Flip a coin.

  6. mock - Mock a user with the spongebob meme [msg] Optional either member, message ID, or string. message ID can be channe_id-message-id formatted or a message link. if no msg is provided the command will use the last message in channel before the command. if msg is a member it will look through the past 10 messages in the channel and put them all together.

  7. hug - Hug people

  8. poke - Poke people

  9. shitpost - Smear shit all over the chat.

  10. ascii - Beautify some text

  11. chatrevive - None

  12. hack - Hack a user, totally real and legit

  13. chat - New and improved chat bot!

  14. name - Get a random name

  15. horny - Tells you how horny someone is :flushed:

  16. simp - Tells you if a user is a simp lol.

  17. tickle - Tickle people

  18. howgay - Tells you how gay a user is lol.

  19. chatchart - Generates a pie chart, representing the last 10000 messages in the specified channel. This command has a server wide cooldown of 300 seconds.

  20. owoify - Owoify any message

  21. rate - Rates what you want

  22. enlarge - Post a large .png of an emoji

  23. lenny - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. hotcalc - Returns a random percent for how hot is a discord user

  25. fact - Get a random fact

  26. urban - Find the ‘best’ definition to your words

  27. reverse - Reverses things

  28. password - Generates a random password string for you This returns a random URL-safe text string, containing nbytes random bytes. The text is Base64 encoded, so on average each byte results in approximately 1.3 characters.

  29. meme - Sends you the dankest memes

  30. pressf - Pay respects by pressing F

  31. birb - Its really just geese

  32. slap - Slap people

  33. cat - Kitties!!

  34. pat - Pat people

  35. kill - Kill someone

  36. kiss - Kiss people

  37. dog - Puppers

  38. optout - Opt out of the bot’s message history fetching

  39. smug - Look smug

  40. optin - Opt in to the bot’s message history fetching

Discord Commands

  1. joinedat - Check when a user joined the current server.
  2. wolfram - Interactively calculate things with Wolfram Alpha.
  3. snipe - Snipe recently deleted messages to see what someone said.
  4. give_color - Allows users to give themselves a color role.
  5. banner - Get the current banner image
  6. server_avatar_url - Get the current server icon
  7. editsnipe - Snipe edited messages to see what the message said before.
  8. checkvote - Check if a user has voted or not!
  9. massrole - Mass give a role to all users in the server (Ignores bots)
  10. roleinfo - Get information about a role
  11. massrole_remove - Mass removes a role from everyone in the server (Doesn’t ignore bots)
  12. serverinfo - Check info about current server
  13. userinfo - Get user info on anyone in Discord
  14. listemoji - Lists all available emojis in a server, perfect for an emoji channel
  15. avatar - Get anyones avatar within Discord.
  16. roles - Get all roles in current server
  17. bug - Report bugs that you run into
  18. channelstats - Gets stats for the current channel you’re in.
  19. mods - Check which mods are in current guild
  20. colors - Tells you all the colors this bot can make
  21. suggest - Suggest things this bot should have or not have.
  22. firstmessage - Provide a link to the first message in current or provided channel.

Information Commands

  1. vote - Vote for the bot
  2. weather - Get weather data for a location You can use your zip code or your city name. Ex; tp!weather City / Zip Code or tp!weather City,Town
  3. profile - Show your user profile
  4. invite - Get an invite to the bot
  5. say - Speak through the bot uwu
  6. bio - Set your profile bio
  7. c2f - Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Args: temp (str): the temperature to convert
  8. timestamp - Displays given time in all Discord timestamp formats. Example: 12/22/2005 02:20:00 You don’t need to specify time. It will automatically round it to midnight.
  9. f2c - Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius Args: temp (str): The temperature to convert
  10. ping - Ping the bot
  11. stats - Get some information about the bot
  12. policy - Privacy Policy

Economy Commands

  1. slots - Play a game of slots, earn some or lose some.
  2. pay - Give someone money.
  3. beg - Beg for money like a homeless man.
  4. work - Work for your shitty 9-5 job for a small wage.
  5. balance - Check your balance to see how much more money you can spend before you have to sell your organs.
  6. deposit - deposit money into your bank.
  7. bank - Check your bank.
  8. withdraw - take money out of your bank.
  9. rob - steal someones hard earned cash.
  10. search - Search for money in various places .
  11. daily - Get a decent amount of money from the air just cause.

Moderator Commands

  1. removerole - Removes a role from a user
  2. channel - Group command for channel related things
  3. role - A group command for role related commands
  4. perms - Tells you what permissions the bot has.
  5. toggle - Toggle commands in your server to be enabled/disabled
  6. addrole - Adds a role to a user
  7. deleterole - Delete a role from the server.
  8. removerainbow - Remove all the rainbow roles in your server so you dont have to do it manually.
  9. nickname - Nicknames a user from the current server.
  10. rainbow - Creates a bunch of color roles for your server.
  11. nuke - Deletes a channel and clones it for you to quickly delete all the messages inside of it
  12. toggleslow - Slow the chat.
  13. mute - Mute someone for a certain amount of time, from 10 seconds to 28 days.
  14. hoist - Changes users names that are hoisting themselves (Ignores Bots)
  15. kick - Kicks a user from the current server.
  16. banreason - Shows the ban reason for a user in the current server
  17. reset_names - Tries to reset all members nicknames in the current server (Ignores bots)
  18. mutesetup - Sets up the muted role for the server
  19. unmute - Unmute someone
  20. bans - Shows the servers bans with the ban reason
  21. ban - Bans a member from the server.
  22. purge - Removes messages that meet a criteria.
  23. In order to use this command, you must have Manage Messages permissions.
  24. Note that the bot needs Manage Messages as well. These commands cannot
  25. be used in a private message.
  26. When the command is done doing its work, you will get a message
  27. detailing which users got removed and how many messages got removed.
  28. tp!purge all removes 30 messages.
  29. sban - Silently bans a member from the server, the user will not get a dm.
  30. massban - Ban multiple members at once.
  31. softban - Soft bans a member from the server. To use this command you must have Kick and Ban Members permissions.
  32. unban - Unbans a member from the server. You can pass either the ID of the banned member or the Name#Discrim combination of the member. Typically the ID is easiest to use.
  33. setprefix - Set a custom prefix for the server
  34. unbanall - Unbans everyone from the server. You can pass an optional reason to be shown in the audit log. You must have Ban Members permissions.
  35. stealemoji - Clones any emote to the current server
  36. find - Finds a user within your search term

This bot does not have any commands

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