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Master Admin is a powerful bot that has everything from moderation to economy and more! Everything is well constructed so that you can read everything clearly and without any problems. If you make a mistake when typing a command, Master Admin will show you what you did wrong. Master Admin has over 30 commands, and there will be many more! You can even create your own commands and select one of two supported languages. If you don't want some commands, don't worry, you can disable them! Invite Master Admin and have fun! Enter ma!help to get a list of commands.

Example commands

- ma!setlang [language] | Change the bot language

- ma!mathgame | Answer math questions

- ma!double | Double your money or loose everything

To see all commands, invite the bot and type ma!help, have fun!

Other information

The bot is almost finished. You can setup an update channel to get information about new updates or commands.

This bot does not have any commands

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