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A multipurpose bot to help you with managing your server, higher activity, and other.

Features it has:

  • Advanced, stylish, and modern web dashboard
  • YouTube Alerts
  • Customizable Behavior
  • Moderation
  • Logging
  • Miscellaneous Stuff (AFK, etc)
  • Birthday Reminders/Congratulation System
  • Fun
  • Role on Join
  • Welcoming & Leaving Messages
  • Todo List
  • Message Sniping
  • Music
  • Reaction Roles
  • Dropdown Roles
  • Leveling System
  • Tickets
  • Economy
  • Image Manipulation
  • Custom Autoresponses
  • Custom Commands
  • Custom Slash Commands
  • Application System
  • Apex Legends
  • Reminders
  • Short-URL System

Starting guide:

Command List

You can access the command list easily by executing the help command

You can also use the dropdown component to navigate through the 23 categories

YouTube Notifications

Your fans won't miss any newly uploaded YouTube video. Every time a video gets uploaded, ZeroTwo will automatically send a message in a channel of your choice.


Forget Google-Forms! You can manage your staff-applications easily through Discord using ZeroTwo! (Members who are applying would be sent to a wonderful looking page).


Ooh, my favorite part! Using our modern, fast, stylish, and easy-to-use dashboard you can manage every single part of your server, and even more extra features!


What are you waiting for?

Invite ZeroTwo! Time spent creating ZeroTwo: [![wakatime](]( - this is by far not everything

This bot does not have any commands

Some cool resources!


Lets review!



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Uptime Checks (Total): 142997

Uptime Checks (Failed): 22434

Uptime Checks (Success): 120563

Uptime Checks (Score): 0.8431155898375491

Bot Features

Customizable Prefix: This bot supports changing of its prefix and/or has recently migrated to slash commands. According to our community, this feature is positive.


Guild Count: 3350

User Count (according to bot): 0

Shard Count: 4

Shards: No shards set. Try checking it's website or support server (if it has one)!,


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