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# AFK Bot #### The ultimate AFK Bot that allows members to monitor the activity of their servers! - **Automatic**: Setting AFK can be done manually, but if a member doesn't set it, the bot will **automatically** mark them as AFK after a set period of time! (Default is **24** hours of inactivity) - **Server Tracking**: Track member activity over customizable periods of time and easily identify inactive members - **Server verification**: Tired of dead / spam accounts that join? AFK Bot has the ability to automatically kick accounts who do not have a certain role after a customizable period of time. Captcha solving is supported! - **Rating System**: Grades each member by server activity so you can easily tell whose most active - **Active Hours**: Gives insight on when to plan events to include the most members - **Ghost Pings**: When tagged while AFK, members have the option of receiving a DM linking to the tag as well as some other useful info. So even if the message is deleted, there will still be evidence in DM - **Custom Name Prefixes**: Ability to add a custom prefix to names when a member is marked AFK - **Custom Roles**: Ability to add a role to a member is marked AFK - **Current Activity**: See who's currently active in your server and who's recently inactive at a glance # AFK Premium Features - **Longer AFK time outs**: Up to 7 days - **Multiple Verification Roles**: Choose up to 5 roles for AFK Bot to consider if a member is verified before kicking. Can set AFK Bot to check if a member has **all** roles or **any** - **MORE PREMIUM FEATURES TO COME...** Join AFK Bot premium and help support development by becoming a **Patreon**! ## AFK Stats (_afk.stats_):
![alt-text](, 'AFK Stats') ## AFK Activity (_afk.activity_):
![alt-text](, 'AFK Activity') ## Help (_afk.help_):
![alt-text](, 'AFK Help') ## AFK Activity (_afk.settings_):
![alt-text](, 'AFK Settings') ## AFK Activity (_afk.ranks_):
![alt-text](, 'AFK Ranks') ## AFK Activity (_afk.verify_):
**When a member first joins with server verification on:**
![alt-text](, 'AFK Verify')
**When a member does not verify within a certain amount of time:**
![alt-text](, 'AFK Verify') ## FAQS - **Q**: Why do I keep getting marked as AFK when I didn't set it? - **A**: AFK Bot sets members AFK when a member has not messaged in the server after a set period of time (_guild customizable_) - **Q**: How do I **disable** DMs from the bot? - **A**: You can toggle DMs by typing " on_" or " off_" in the server - A member has not messaged in the server after a set period of time ( _guild customizable_ ) - **Q**: How come there is no graph? - **A**: The bot needs to be in your server for over a day to gather data - **Q**: How to **disable** welcome messages? - **A**: You can tell the bot to ignore a specific channel, category or the **entire server** by typing "_afk.ignore (channel id/category id/ all)_" - **Q**: I'm the owner of a guild, why is my name not getting changed to servers set prefix? - **A**: This is a Discord permissions limitation, the bot cannot change the nickname of a guild owner - **Q**: Why are no ones names updating? - **A**: Most likely AFK Bots role is not high enough in your roles hierarchy - **Q**: How to enable prefixing? - **A**: afk.prefix [AFK] - **Q**: Are longer AFK times supported? - **A**: Free users can have up to 24 hours and premium members up to 7 days

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