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Looking for an economy bot to fit all your needs?

Well Bittyconomy is here for you!!

Offering you

  • Basic economy such as work, beg and search.
  • Global Economy (You will have the same money in every server!)
  • More than 20 commands related to economy!
  • Shop, and get incredible Items!
  • Music to enjoy any time you feel the need!
  • Logging commands that log deleted and edited messages in your specified channel!
  • Much much more enjoyment able to be had by just a few taps!

Other Info

  • 80+ Commands! (Splitted into multiple categories)
  • Library: DBD.JS!
  • 98.9% Uptime!
  • New features added every so often!

The perfect bot for your server, offering you economy system, music and misc commands!

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Owners BitShelf-Dev
Prefix B!
Library dbd.js
Servers 100
Shards 0
Invites 79
Vote Page Click/Copy Me!
Features Customizable Prefix