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Sofwaresat Bot, a bot with moderation, utility, and what you all want, fun! This bot focuses more on moderation, with commands such as kicking and banning members, muting them, warning, deleting messages, and much more! An interesting game that we have is a story game combined with currency. Players get stories in which they have to pick the right number in order to advance. You get coins based on the story and how well you dids You can then use these coins to buy weapons to use in your story.

    Commands For a full and up to date command list, please use shelp

  • Check Settings "ssettings"

  • Change Prefix "ssetprefix "

  • Change AutoKick Threshold "ssetkickthreshold "

  • Change AutoRole for welcome "ssetautorole "

  • Allow Direct Messaging "ssetdm "

  • Set Welcome Channel "ssetwelcomechannel "

  • Set Logging Channel "ssetlogchannel "

  • Auto Delete for Cursing "ssetautodelete "

  • Auto Respond (fun-ish) "ssetautorespond "

  • Custom Welcome Message "ssetwelcomemessage "

  • Allow autokick "ssetautokick " (Set this if you want autokick to work)

  • Allows person to join back to a server if kicked from warn "ssetautoinvitation" (Do this before using warning system)

  • Turn Cursing Prevention On/Off "ssetcussing "


  • Warn "swarn <@mention user>"

  • Kick a User "skick <@mention user>"

  • Ban a Use "sban <@mention user>

  • Mute a User "smute <@mention user>"

  • Unmute a User "sunmute <@mention user>"

  • Delete Messages "sdelete " (99 at a time not including sdelete message)

  • Direct Messaging "sdm <@mention user> "


  • Set Welcome Channel "ssetwelcomechannel "

  • Custom Welcome Message "ssetwelcomemessage "


  • Guess Number "sguessnumber"

  • Get a story "sstory"

  • Campaign Profile "sstoryprofile"

  • Campaign Inventory "sinventory"

  • Campaign Shop "sshop"

  • Buy item in campaign "sbuy "

  • Countings Add a channel called counting, and start counting from 0!


  • Support Server "sserver"

  • Upvote "svote"

  • ""

  • Link to our Website "shelpwebsite"

  • Information About Satvik "swhoissatvik"

  • Information About ThyMaster555 "swhoisthymaster555"

  • Information About Aryav"swhoisaryav"

  • Website for the bot-

  • Support Server-

  • Add the bot to your server-

  • This bot does not have any commands

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