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Are you tired of the same old anime discord bots? Well, no need to fear cause Asuka is here! Discord anime games, characters, profiles, and more are brought right to your very own discord server! Claim your favorite anime characters, customize your profile to be the coolest weeb around, and level up your anime army to take over the world!

(cough with Asuka as our tsundere queen, of course, cough).

  • Customizable Profiles (Custom colors, backgrounds, badges, leaderboard rank and descriptions.)
  • Claimable Character Cards (Claim your favorite characters and level them up!)
  • Daily Awards & Economy (Save up to buy fantastic items and accessories!)
  • Play games (We’re constantly adding new games to the bot that allow you to gamble for more bot currency or challenge your friends.)
  • Gacha System (Use currency to roll the dice of fate to decide your next rare character!)
  • Clans (Create clans with your friends to get awesome awards or become the richest clan on the bot.)
  • Trade (Trade your characters, items and currency with other players to get all your favorite characters in no time.)
  • Sell your characters on a market! (You can sell your characters on a market for other users to buy, every character has its own rarity and you can - determine the price yourself.)





And much more!

Psst; Use /help to get started on the bot.

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