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BulbaBot (pb!)

One of the best all-in-one Discord Bots! Moderation, Info, Utility, Fun, Economy, and also a new awesome


English Language Bot

BulbaBot is the bot to make your Discord experience better! Invite me to your server and have fun!

📌 Utilities and Info 📌

More than 20 commands to help you with some stuff!

Get info from users, server, and much more.

🛠 Moderation 🛠

Lots of commands to make your server moderation complete.

Ban, unban, kick, slowmode, and much more!

🎊 Fun 🎊

More than 40 commands to make your Discord experience funnier!

Image modificator commands, Pokémon commands, economy commands, and much more!

There is still more stuff coming soon..

⚙ Support ⚙

If you need support, or want to get earlier news from bot updates you can join my Support Server!.

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