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Avenger is an Multipurpose Discord bot


Invite bot to you Server.
Link to invite Avenger is Invite.


I can help the peoples in Self Hosting those who can Contribute with my bot for Extra Features.
Read this before do pull requests CONTRIBUTION.


You can find FEATURES in GitHub.

▪Hey, this is the bot made by me for Fun and Entertainment.

▪You can get a list of commands by using ^help or Avenger help if you have still a problem feel free to join the support server for help.

▪There is important information to tell you that there is a command called 'user prefix' which is used to keep a prefix for only you which can be used in any server by you in which the bot exists without use of server prefix (Means user prefix is independent of server you are there and it can be used in the DM also).

▪But I have kept some moderation commands like Kick, Ban, Addrole, Etc..,.

▪There is one command called 'hack ban' which can help to ban a member who is not on our server by using his 'Member id'.

▪The levelling system is enabled by default if you have any found them annoying feel free to disable it by using the command ^levelup disable.

▪The Social commands are disabled by default because if it enables some commands cost currency in that social currency. If you want to enable it to use ^social enable.

▪The default language for this bot is English.It can be changed by command ^language, But these language commands are still in development in a few days they will be completed.

▪If you found any bug use the ^bug command to report that command, or if you have any suggestions use the ^suggest command to send suggestions to our server.

▪If your server Enabled Social commands with the Premium Role in our server you can get some amazing perks that are listed in a channel of the support server. If you want Premium Role join our server gets amazing perks for fun.

▪You can change the Nickname of a member by using the command ^nick.

▪There are so many Reaction and Programming commands to use.

▪You can run the bot in DM with some commands which are not used in, else you can get a list of commands by typing avenger help in DM of Bot then you will get commands which can be used in DM

Join in our support server After doing PULL REQUESTS to talk about updates.

Self Hosting

There is no help Provided for hosting this bot.
And Prefer not to self host this bot because if you do hosting it will violate the License.If you want to self host this bot first do contributions in this bot


If you found any Issues in the bot Open the issues in ISSUES

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Rendering Reviews

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