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Hi I am Minato Namikaze,

Aka Yondaime Hokage

Hokage Edo Tensei

From my developer

This is a small yet multipurpose bot which does the every work of HOKAGE.

When the bot joins the server please run the )setup command so that bot can setup the server as you required.

Some features include are:

  • feedback system for the server :

The members of server can give feedbacks to administrators using the )feedback command

  • support system for the server :

If the members need support then they can ask for support using )support command and then the respective member will be given @Support_Required role.

And if the administrator feels that member query has been resolved then administrators can use )resolved command to removes access from support channel.

  • Logs bans and unbans in a bingo book :

This can be enabled while running the )setup command.

The bot will log bans and unbans in a BINGO BOOK

NOTE: The channels created by the bot while running the )setup command, please do not rename or move them from their respective category , otherwise some features may not work.

Yess, one can toggle the permissions of the channel. But should not completely remove access of the bot from the respective channel.

Please have the server system channel enabled, if you wish to receive import updates from the bot

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