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A compact, easy to use Multipurpose Discord bot

Nuggies is a compact and easy to use multipurpose discord bot with loads of commands !
Nuggies offers -

  • Customized prefix
  • NEW slash commands
  • - /meme, /cat, /8ball, /echo
  • Moderation
  • - ban, unban, kick, clear, lock, tlock, unlock, slowmode, addrole, removerole
  • Fun
  • - anime, 8ball, rps, say, joke, meme, gayrate, simprate, pp, chat, roll, reverse, choose, truth, dare, ascii
  • Action
  • - cuddle, hug, kiss, slap, poke, tickle, feed, pat, smug - bite, blush, dance, happy, punch, brofist, sad, mad, run, shy, wink, yawn, yay, lick, laugh, cry
  • Misc
  • - define, avatar, remindme, suggest, bug, nickname, snipe, vote, editsnipe, invites, invites
  • Information
  • - botstats, invite, ping, serverinfo, fact, channel, roleinfo
  • Utility
  • - setprefix,setchat
  • More
  • - Economy (coming soon™)
    - Music (coming soon™)
    - Logging (coming soon™)

we have over 90 commands with more coming soon ! give the bot a try :)

  • Bot invite
  • Support server
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    Owners AssassiN and pro_gamer007
    Prefix .
    Library discord.js
    Servers 967
    Shards 2
    Invites 133
    Vote Page Click/Copy Me!
    Features Custom Prefix