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- Economy with 100+ Active players

- Fun commands (meme, fight, giveaway, etc..)

- Welcome commands (setchannel, setmessage, etc..)

- Informative commands (serverinfo, membercount, etc..)

- Hourly 100k+ lottery

Voting Perks:

- Recieve 1 common box ( 2x on weekends )

- Able to enter voter only lottery (Not available yet)

Economy Commands:

Command Name Usage Catergory
bal a.bal or a.bal <mention> economy
inv a.inv or a.inv <mention> economy
beg a.beg economy
rich economy
give a.give <amount> <user> economy
gift <item> <amount> <user> economy
gamble a.gamble <amount> economy
daily/monthly a.daily/monthly economy
rob a.rob <user> economy
disablerob a.disablerob economy
shop economy
buy <item> economy
use a.use <item> economy
lottery a.lottery economy
autolottery a.autolottery economy

Informative Commands:

Command Name  Usage Catergory
serverinfo a.serverinfo info
membercount / a.membercount info
ping info

Welcome Commands:

Command Name  Usage Catergory
setchannel a.setchannel <channel> welcome
setmessage a.setmessage <message> welcome
enable/disable welcome a.welcome welcome

Fun Commands:

You can also do fun to get image manipulation commands
Command Name  Usage Catergory
giveaway a.gaw <1 word item> <time in seconds> <10000 fun
meme fun
coin a.coin fun
fight a.fight <user> fun

Moderation Commands:

Command Name  Usage Catergory
ban a.ban <user> mod
kick a.kick <user> mod
prune a.prune <number> mod
unbanall a.unbanall mod



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