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# Description Covid Statistics Bot provides you with Information about COVID-19 and helps you in Tracking the COVID-19 Cases of a particular Country, Continent or Worldwide Cases. # Commands Try cov help to explore all the amazing commands. • `cov info` - Returns Information about the Bot. • `cov privacypolicy` - Returns the Bot's Privacy Policy. • `cov suggest` - To suggest a command to the Development Team. • `cov information` - To get Information about COVID-19. • `cov donate` - Help WHO fight COVID-19 by executing this Command. • `cov world` - To track COVID-19 cases of the world. • `cov country` - To track COVID-19 cases of a Specific Country. • `cov continent` - To track COVID-19 cases of a Specific Continent. • `cov prevention` - To get to know How to Prevent COVID-19. • `cov symptoms` - To get to know all the common and main symptoms of COVID-19. • `cov advice` - Returns Advice for Public on COVID-19. • `cov stages` - To Get to know about 3 Stages of COVID-19.
• `cov fact` - Returns random facts about COVID-19. # Support Have any Issues? Execute `cov support` and Join the Support Server! Invite:

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