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Loom is an Aesthetic/Multi-purpose discord bot made on discord.js-commando and discord.js.

About the bot

Loom has 50+ commands such as Anime Commands, Undertale Commands, Image Manipulation Commands, Game commands, Search Commands and so on…

List of commands

  • Guild Related Commands:

help, prune, embed, snipe, kick, mute, unmute, ban, unban, invite, nick, setprefix, avatar, botstats, channel, emoji-list, emoji-image, membercount, roleinfo, server, whois.

  • Search Commands:

covid, subreddit, anime, periodictable, iq, know your meme, wikihow, world-news.

  • Miscellaneous Commands:

horoscope, math, report, suggest, translate, speedrun.

  • Image Manipulation Commands:

avatar-fusion, fire, triggered.

  • Danganronpa/Undertale Commands:

fandom, music wiki, boss themes, danganronpa 1 characters, danganronpa 2 characters, danganronpa 3 characters, danganronpa 4 characters, danganronpa wiki.

  • Game Commands:

akinator, bubble-wrap, charlie charlie, hangman, quiz, rock-paper-scissors, tic tac toe, word-chain, would you rather.

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