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Build an island for all of your penguins to inhabit. Search for materials around the island, catch some fish, make buildings, and even create penguins while you’re at it.

This discord bot allows your penguin paradise building fantasies to become true! With a fully procedurally generated upgrade system, you just type a couple commands to gather your materials and fish for you to build your perfect island. Unlock different materials by upgrading your island and create penguins to gain insane multipliers. Now you can even unlock a variety of different commands by building different buildings and upgrading them. (This also increases the amount of materials you get from the different commands)

We also now include a variety of moderation commands and a custom built ban appeal system! (Still being built).

Commands Included: 

  • Catch command - catch fish using different penguins to create more penguins
  • Search command - search for materials around the island and use these materials to upgrade your island or build different buildings which allow you to unlock different commands(coming soon)
  • Assign / Unassign command - assign different penguins to different jobs and gain a MASSIVE multiplier from them (and unlock different commands too!)
  • Rich command - See the richest people in your server (by fish)
  • Build command - build different buildings to unlock different commands!
  • Improve command - improve your built buildings
  • Tutorial command to help you with the basics of iceberg and a lot of other stats and misc commands to help you build your island!

NOTE: This bot is in EARLY stages of development. The current features are pretty barebones but we have a couple big ideas planned for the coming updates. Of course, if there are any bugs that need fixing, then please join our support server (although this is pretty bare bones too)

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