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you can collect gold which is the main currency of the bot, buy armor, weapons, and make yourself stronger!.

the stronger you get, the easier the game be.

there is a prestige system (resets), you can travel to other timelines for stronger monsters!.

you can unlock more places by rising your level, and rising your ability to fight other monsters!.

defualt prefix is u?



- Travel in undertale landscape, ruins, core, hotland and all, fight random monsters and bosses from the game.


- Boss fighting, on every land, OP Rewards to rank up faster, 20 min cooldown each loss/win.

- random monsters, from ruins to core, average rewards, to fast collect money and exp.


- Dueling other players, No rewards from it and does not affect your progress, juts to train and fun.

Time lines

- Not Complete, only Undertale Dimension Exist so far, alot will come soon with future updates.


- u?help : Show all commands, it has an parameters (optional) to see full explanation of a spesific command.

- u?fight : Fight a Random Monster Depending on your area, this command doesn't work if you are already in a fighy.

- u?bossfight : Fight a random/spesific boss depeinding on your area, this command also doesn't work if you're in a fight.

- u?duel <@user> : This command makes a request to duel someone else, this can work and does not affect normal fights, no rewards from it, just for training purposes.

- u?daily : This command gives a daily rewards each day (1 day cooldown) (500 + Your level).

- u?supporter : this command works on our support server only, it works 1 day each (1 day cooldown), (500 Gold only).

- u?lootbag : this command unlocks a lootbag if you have it inside your inventory (random reward range from 30 to 120 + your level)

- u?vote : shows voting websites to earn rewards.

- u?info : Shows Statistics about the bot, guild count, latency, etc...

- u?shop : this command opens a shop embed, buying armor/weapons and food.

- u?travel : moves you into other places (new locations unlocks with level rising).

- u?sell : this opens an embed, shows all sellable items, mention the item in the chat and it will be sold.

and many more commands, use the command u?help to show all available commands.

This bot does not have any commands

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