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Adding OctoCat brings great Stuff to your Server:

  • Auto-Moderation
  • A Partnership Program But why do so many People love that bot?
  • Global Economy System
    • Robbing Members
    • Monthly Giveaways for OctoCoins
    • A Leaderboard
  • Automoderation System
    • Mutes Members for posting IP Logger Links
    • Deletes swear words and warns the Member
    • Mutes Members for mass spamming
  • Easy Moderation
    • Set Slowmode manually using o!sm <SECONDS>
    • Mute/Kick/Ban Members
    • Remove roles (The rero command)
  • Administration
    • Get Server- and User Information
    • Set Welcome and Leave Messages
  • Anime
    • We provide tons of anime Commands - Just check out the anime Category!
    • Search up any Anime or manga on Kitsu.io!
    • Roll a random Waifu (We have tons of images, thanks reddit.)
    • Laugh about Anime Memes!
  • APIs
    • OctoCat uses tons of APIs
    • A Chatbot API
    • An API about Cat Facts
    • A Cat, dog and Fox API
    • A Reddit API
    • The YouTube API
    • A Weather API
    • A Minecraft API

Don’t wait until the Hype is over, add the bot now and enjoy it!

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Open Source: These bots are open source meaning they can easily be audited and/or potentially self hosted. According to our community, this feature is positive.


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