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“Ditch Groovy, and Rythm and get Etox. Etox allows you to listen to music with your friends. Add Etox to your Discord today!”

Etox has a default prefix of “.” You can change this prefix by doing .ChangePrefix {New Prefix}

Music Commands:

  • .Play - Plays a song by search or by URL
  • .Volume - Set the volume of the music
  • .NowPlaying - Displays the current song that is playing
  • .Queue - Displays all the song URLs in the queue
  • .ClearQueue - Clears all the songs from queue
  • .Pause - Pauses the current song playing
  • .Unpause - Unpauses the current song playing
  • .Skip - Skip to the next song in queue
  • .Loop - Loop the song or queue
  • .Join - Makes Etox join your voice channel
  • .Shuffle - Shuffles the queue
  • .Disconnect - Disconnects the bot and clears the queue

Other Commands:

  • .Prefix - Displays the current server prefix
  • .Whois - Displays member information about the command author or mentioned user
  • .Avatar - Displays the avatar of the command author or the mentioned user
  • .Uptime - Displays the current uptime of Etox
  • .Support - Gives an invite link to the Etox support server
  • .InviteBot - Gives and invite link to invite the Etox bot to your own server
  • .Ping - Displays the current ping of Etox
  • .BotInfo - Displays bot info about Etox

Admin Commands

  • .ChangePrefix - Change the current box prefix
  • .GetInvite - Get an invite link to the current server

Important Links

Bot Invite

Support Server

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