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NINJA Bot (Gen 2)

NINJA Bot is a bot that can do many things to help brighten up your server for the better. If you would like to know more please keep reading!

  • Ticketing – NINJA Bot can create ticket channels and close them upon your command.
  • Mod – NINJA Bot has commands such as; %ban, %kick, and %purge to help your server stay safe.
  • Fun commands. – If you are bored with nothing to do, you can check out some memes and other fun stuff. %meme, %battle, %emoji, and %8ball not including all of them.
  • NSFW Commands – We have a couple NSFW commands to satisfy your desires, but don’t worry, they can only be used in NSFW channels!
  • Other Commands. – We have many other commands for your server(s). You can create a poll (%poll), you can make suggestions (%setsuggestionchannel, %suggest), you can also do math commands. Whatever you need is here.


If there is anything else you need you can reach out into are support server found at %supportserver and here.

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