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What is Shil6h? A discord bot that allows you to have to verify via captcha to maintain within the server. Failure to do so will result in a kick. If you do not complete the captcha correctly you will get another attempt. There is no limit on attempts and it is case sensitive. This bot is to help preventing your server from getting raided, botted and or fake discord accounts from joining. How To Use: To use Shil6h Bot, all you need to do is invite the bot to your server and from there on it will automatically start running captchas and removing people accordingly! Help Commands: s!help – List of all the help commands s!info – Get information about shil6h s!invite – Get the invite for shil6h s!setup – Get a description on how to setup shil6h s!website - Get a link to my website s!privacy - Display privacy policy Have an issue or a bug report? You can either email me or add me on discord. Email: [email protected] Discord: shiloh#8000 Website:

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