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GlobalX is a global Discord banning bot - this prevents users that have an active history of breaking Discord Guidelines, trolling in servers, being inappropriate to others, participating / hosting raids etc.

We also automatically kick users out that have "" in their name.

We help make your community a safer and yet, better place for all! No member should have to tolerate a troll and such.

Banned users (those whom are banned for breaking certain things under strictness) are stored in our database and will not be able to join another server that has our bot.

Users that are banned can however, appeal at our Discord and under certain conditions, may have their ban revoked.

We have strict policies in place that decides whether or not a user should be globally banned. If user is deemed "to-soft-for-a-ban" - then the user will be warned instead, or no further action will be taken.

Any guild member are able to execute .report @user [reason] command in any channel and the result is then posted to one of our GlobalX channels for reviewing.

Proof is marked as important and is a MUST before any user is banned or warned. Banned or warned users have the right to view their history, therefor; can be obtained from one of GlobalX support team when asked to do so.

If you feel like you have any further questions, please contact us on our Discord.

  • Safer Community, Safer Life.


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