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**El Mod** El Mod is a next generation Discord Bot is many features from moderating, logging, to meme and radio commands. El Mod was every bot you ever wanted built into 1 with 99.00% uptime and a developer who listens to your feedback and suggestions to adapt the bot around you. El Mod is connected to a database meaning any changes you make will be saved even if they bot goes offline, we even have a beta commands allow you to get access to command early this allows you to test and report any bugs to the developer before the command is made public. We even have meme commands which allows you to have a laugh in the comfort of you server and if you a fan of **Stranger Things** we have a lot of commands orientated to the Netflix Original Series. Example of some commands are: - changelogs - IMDB - Weather - Remind - Stats - Serverinfo - Userinfo - Roleinfo El Mod can even add roles when a new members joins the server and send a welcome message greeting them on their arrival. If you think El Mod is the bot for you then why not invite it today. [Invite](https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=857564240784916490&permissions=1559751927&scope=bot) [Support Sever](https://discord.gg/CA7Ts2vzT8)
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