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Our latest feature:

Online verfication system: -> webcaptcha (webcaptcha @role #channel -> captchaclear (clears webcaptcha stored data)

This will allow users to be verified online via a captcha system!



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bet, crown, explainpoints, gamble, givepoints, leaderboard, points, pointsper, position, totalpoints, odds

Smash or Pass

matches, optout, resetsmashorpass, smashorpass, unmatch


feedback, reportbug


addemoji, addrole, ban, kick, members, mute, purge, purgebot, removeemoji, role, roles, setnickname, slowmode, softban, testfarewell, testwelcome, unban, unmute, warn, warnpurge, warns


Commands can be cleared by replacing “set” with “clear”. i.e setmodlog ➔ clearmodlog

captchaclear, webcaptcha, findstatus, say, setjoinvoting, setadminrole, setautokick, setautorole, setconfessionchannel, setcrownchannel, setcrownrole, setfarewellchannel, setfarewellmessage, setmemberlog, setmessagedeletelog, setmessageeditlog, setmodchannels, setmodlog, setmodrole, setmuterole, setnicknamelog, setprefix, setrolelog, setstarboardchannel, setsystemchannel, settings, setverificationchannel, setverificationmessage, setverificationrole, setviewconfessionsrole, setwelcomechannel, setwelcomemessage, toggleanonymous, togglecommand, toggletype

/Slash Commands

/anonymous Post anonymous message. Cost: 50 points /confess Post a confession in confessions channel. /report Report a confession. /view View details of a confession.

This bot does not have any commands

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