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What is Soundify?

Soundify is a advanced music bot with tons of commands and is constantly updating. click this google form link. If there are any bugs or errors please feel free to join the support server and report it.

How to use Soundify

Soundify is a very eazy bot to use but you need the correct permissions, there is no setup needed at all! Soundify has all the correct permissions

Command previews

bassboost play stop pause resume help invite volume stats youtube

If you'd like to see more commands, type `>help` to get a full list.

Additional Information

Sodunfiy is hosted on uptimerobot 24/7 and will only go down if we are updating the bot or if there might be a error in the code!

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SGT Rocky


Uptime Checks (Total): 1665

Uptime Checks (Failed): 1653

Uptime Checks (Success): 12

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Guild Count: 81

User Count (according to bot): 0

Shard Count: 0

Shards: No shards set. Try checking it's website or support server (if it has one)!,


Last posted statistics on: 2021-07-16T20:23:58.399633+00:00

Added to the list on: 2021-07-16T20:23:58.399633+00:00

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Bot Features: custom_prefix,slash_command

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