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Black Tooth
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Fun: FreeNitro, SmartRate, Ship, MagicTooth, Shouldi, Ascii, OwO, Fact, Hack

Memey: Infuriating, Cursed, CursedComment, JobDoneBoss, ThanksIHateIt, Dank, Blursed

Images: Wanted, Jail, Trash, Blur, Invert, Boot, Triggered, Achievement, Trade, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Custom Minecraft Achievement

Actions Wave, Slap, Punch, Hug, Kiss, Cuddle, Pat, Poke, Tickle

Animals: Dog, Cat, Duck, Bird, Fox, Koala, Panda

Utility: Help, Ping, Say, Avatar, Whois, ServerInfo, Weather, Enlarge Emoji, Snipe, Edit Snipe, Steal Emoji

Moderation: Kick, Ban, Clear, Nuke, Mute, Unmute, Channel Lock, Warn, Warnings, Unwarn, Altdetector | Raid Protection

Levelling: Levels, Levelupchannel, Rank, Leaderboard, SetLevel

Miscellaneous: Timerset, Dictionary, UrbanDictionary, TextToSpeech, TextToSpeechAccent, Translate

Mini Games: Guess the number, Would You Rather, Never Have I Ever, Coin Toss, Decipher

Economy: Balance, Withdraw, Deposit, Gift, Gamble, Inventory, Beg, Shop, Buy, Sell, Use, Work

Crypto: Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Litecoin/LTC, Stellar/XLM, BitcoinCash/BCH, Cardano/ADA, DogeCoin/DOGE

Music: Connect, Play, Playing, Pause, Resume, Queue, Skip, Stop, Volume

After adding the bot to your server, use -help for a clearer picture of what the bot can do.

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