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DailyQuotes: The best bot to send quotes to your server. If a channel is set every day at 10 AM UTC a quote will be sent. The bot has over 2,000 random quotes that can be sent to your server each day. Although there is not a whole lot to the bot it is built to add a bit of pa zaz to your server. DailyQuotes fits around majority of servers whether you are a support server, hangout, or a gaming server, everyone could use some uplifting quotes in there life. We also suport 110 different language option for DailyQuotes when it sends.

Built to make setting it up easy view below for the setup guide

/set_channel - Use this to choose your channel. Make sure the bot has permissions in it and you are all set

/set_language - Sets the language for DailyQuotes when sending. Default is English

/set_pingrole - Sets a role to ping for when the bot sends a Daily Quote

Other Commands

/translate_quote - Gives you a quote in your own language

/help - Sends general information on the bot

/quote - Give you a random quote

/uptime - Gives you the uptime of the bot

/ping - Shows the ping of the bot

/support - Sends you the support server invite

/submit - Submits a quote and author that can be possibly used within out DataBase

/privacy_policy - Information on how we store and what the data is used for



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