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List of all my commands Invite me in your server to enjoy this commands chan!clip Plays a clip sound | Aliases: () chan!clips List all clips | Aliases: () chan!help Display all commands and descriptions | Aliases: (h) chan!invite Send bot invite link | Aliases: () chan!loop Toggle music loop | Aliases: (l) chan!lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song | Aliases: (ly) chan!move Move songs around in the queue | Aliases: (mv) chan!np Show now playing song | Aliases: () chan!pause Pause the currently playing music | Aliases: () chan!undefined undefined | Aliases: () chan!play Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud | Aliases: (p) chan!playlist Play a playlist from youtube | Aliases: (pl) chan!pruning Toggle pruning of bot messages | Aliases: () chan!queue Show the music queue and now playing. | Aliases: (q) chan!remove Remove song from the queue | Aliases: (rm) chan!resume Resume currently playing music | Aliases: (r) chan!search Search and select videos to play | Aliases: () chan!shuffle Shuffle queue | Aliases: () chan!skip Skip the currently playing song | Aliases: (s) chan!skipto Skip to the selected queue number | Aliases: (st) chan!stop Stops the music | Aliases: () chan!uptime Check the uptime | Aliases: (u) chan!volume Change volume of currently playing music | Aliases: (v) Links! Support Server • Invite

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