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Dead Chat Reviver

A Discord bot that prevents servers & channels from dying by sending a revive message as well as a ping and a random conversation starter.
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(/) Commands

Outputs the message you’re looking at right now.
Sets up a revive message for a channel. Use the same command to change your settings.
channel - The channel on which these rules should apply
time - Amount of time the channel should be inactive for the bot to activate
role - The role you want to ping when the chat dies
Remove a revive message channel.
channel - The channel whose revive message is to be removed
Displays a list of all revive message channels and their settings on the server.
Sends a random conversation starter to help reviving the chat.



The bot has no own prefix since all the commands are slash commands. (/)


Setup Example Delete Example
Revive Message Example

Why only slash commands

Personally, I don’t like the idea that bots only have slash commands, but it seems Discord does. In 2022, we as developers will no longer be able to access message content. In order to use commands despite this change, we must now switch to slash commands. It wouldn’t be very smart to create a bot now that will stop working in a couple of months … That’s why. I hope you understand and who knows, maybe one day we will like it!


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Creator’s Discord Tag: Poldi#2898

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