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  • this is the best bot ever by me
  • this bot is now on the version - 8
  • this bot is now trusted by more than 80+ servers
  • we are serving 1000+ users everyday
  • we are now better in support
  • if you need help/support in this bot make sure to join support server for sure if any bugs are there you may report us
  • source code of prev. versions are released on my GITHUB

Please Invite me for 1 year of good-luck

  • after your 1 year is done kick this bot and add again in your server to get twice good-luck of years you have right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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! -π˜Ώπ™€π™‘π™„π™‡γƒ»π™ˆπ™„π™†π™ Nakano
! -π˜Ώπ™€π™‘π™„π™‡γƒ»π™ˆπ™„π™†π™ Nakano

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