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Our main role is for creators to create, maintain, and manage the NFT community, and our bots accelerate the technological process that creators struggle with.



  • We visually show the Rarity of the NFT’s. If you enter [$rarity] in the channel, you can see the rarity information — Rating, Total Rarity Score, Trait Types, Trait Name, and Percentage. Do not let other sites handle the most important user experience.

Market Event(Sale, Listing/Delisting, Trading Volume, Floor Price)

  • Reports from OpenSea data and transaction in real time. Always stay up to date with what is happening in the marketplace. (At this time, NFT Terminal only supports ERC721 tokens).

Mint Event

  • Mint news is always a delight. When Minting goes live, a message is automatically sent to the channel.—NFT Image, Token ID, Buyer, and Amount. The growing messages will help to both excite and hype up the community.


  • This feature allows you to automatically distribute roles to NFT holders by having them verify their collection with their wallet address. [/verify]

Gas tracker

  • For ETH-based NFTs, gas price is an important data for users. Ours conveniently displays Ethereum Gas prices in real-time in the upper right corner of the Discord server for Low, Average, and High.

We are concentrating on showing the NFT Data processed in the on-chain to users.

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