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Popularity contest is a community-focused bot meant to add some fun to your server. Just invite the bot and run the setup command. The bot watches for people's reactions with a ⭐. If enough people react it will send a message to a channel of your choosing. Instead of having to pin a message and hit the limit you just add a star to a message you like and the bot will send that to a separate channel for everyone to find easily and star it themselves. This bot is good for small friend server and large servers too. ## Features and Extra Info [Popularity Contest](https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=900353078128173097&permissions=274878032976&scope=bot%20applications.commands) will keep track of messages that are reacted on with a ⭐. Image attachments, links, and stickers are all supported. The bot has limited customizability for now but more is Coming Soon™️! If you would like to help feel free by joining the [server](https://discord.gg/wSQ92ng2f9) and giving some feedback. ## Usage See a message you like? Star ⭐ it!
## What makes this bot special? [Popularity Contest](https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=900353078128173097&permissions=274878032976&scope=bot%20applications.commands) is coded with a fantastic new Discord Python API wrapper called [Dis-Snek](https://github.com/Discord-Snake-Pit/Dis-Snek). It is fun to make bots with and very intuitive. This bot will stand out as a proof of concept for this library. I plan to always keep this bot open source, just keep in mind if you want to self-host this bot it will take some code change. A few things are tailored to my hosting setup.

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