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Curty is a discord bot that features music, moderation and some basic general commands. Curty is buit with simplicity in mind so even the dumbest discord users may use this Curty.

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Curty has revolutionary music commands like play, back, skip and more. Curty even has a music play on it’s dashboard that you should probably check out now. Curty also has custom playlists coming soon so you can combine tracks from Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.


Curty’s moderation command’s are still under heavy development so somethings may not work as intended but who cares. Curty has unheard of moderation commands like ban, kick, slowmode and more! Don’t worry I am planning to add features like a Leave, and Welcome message system that you can customise with the dashboard.


What is curty?

Curty is a multipurpose discord that is meant to be easy, simple to use, fast and mostly free.

Why Curty

Curty is a feature rich discord bot (mostly music) with an a decent amount over 35 commands, a dashboard and it’s mostly free.

When Do Updates come out?

Whenever I feel like it.

Frameworks used?

To create curty I have used Discord.js with TypeScript, Next.js without TypeScript, express.js with TypeScript, mdx, tailwind and a lot more I don’t feel like naming.

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