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•100+ Commands •90% Uptime •Support Server •User Friendly.


Moderation Commands Moderate your server with Cool Bot moderation which has an advanced moderation system like anti link, anti invite, and more

Utility Commands Commands to make your work easier and faster like avatar{user} gets the avatar of the mentioned user and more

Fun Commands Enjoy various fun commands such as a fun image from API and many more

Ticket System Is your Server messed up with feedback? Or do you not know where is a particular Suggestion? Or you are bored with one channel for the suggestions which is filled with messages? If you answered any of these questions is yes, We are here to help you. Cool Bot Provides a ticketing system so people can use the command c!tickets to make a ticket and support team roles can close them. And much more MADE FOR all your needs from ticket system to Advanced

Starting Up type c!help or mention the bot to know prefix, do c!stats for getting Cool Bot statistics.

Note If you are caught using Cool Bot to abuse the bot you will get a blacklist from using the Cool Bot please beware of what you do.

Privacy policy Also if you don’t know what Data is Cool Bot keeping and worrying about your linked discord account on Cool Bot you can c!privacy-policy to read our pricavy policy about Cool Bot.

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