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High quality muzzic!

Muzzy provides users with an easy to use interface, high quality music, and cool features such as audi filters!

Command List

/247-MusicToggle non-stop playing
/clearqueue-MusicClear the current queue
/filterFilterMusicApply some awesome filters (like bassboost) to music
/join-MusicMake me join a voice channel
/leave-MusicRemove me from a voice channel
/loopTrack/QueueMusicTurn on the loop per track (will loop the currently playing song) or per queue (will loop the entire queue)
/nowplaying-MusicDisplays information about the currently playing track
/pause-MusicPause the current track
/playSearch TermsMusicPlay some music
/queue-MusicShows what’s up next
/removeTrackMusicRemove a track from the queue
/resume-MusicResume the track/queue after being paused
/seekTimeMusicSkip to a certain time in the current track
/shuffle-MusicShuffle the queue
/skip-MusicSkip the current track
/skiptoTrackMusicSkip to a tack from the current queue
/stop-MusicStops the track & queue
/volumeNum 0 - 100MusicIncrease or decrease the volume to your liking
/about-InfoIn case you want to know more about me!
/help-InfoShows you the help panel
/invite-InfoShows the invite pannel! (You can also use it to join the support server and vote for me!)
/voice_status-InfoDisplays information about my backend
/status-InfoMy current statistics
/meme-FunAhghahgahghhaghaHGhahgaaosd-dies of laugh

For further questions and support you can join Muzzy’s server here!

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