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The only Music Bot you ever need- Meridian is the only Discord Music bot to fulfill your needs! A Simple yet powerful Discord Bot with ability to stream Music from Multiple Sources, Meridian brings you High Definition Music with over 35+ Commands, everything for free for always!

With Best-In-Class 15 Buttons Request Channel, Meridian gives you an excuse to be Lazy and lets you control the Player right through the Buttons and never use the commands. With support from Various sources like Deezer, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and much more, Meridian always ensures you can play your favorite tunes from anywhere right on Discord. Powered by Lavalink with nodes situated around Various corners of the Globe with 97.99% Uptime, High Definition Music is always ready to be streamed in your Voice Channel. And to spice up your music experience, Meridian also provides you with Filters which make it a complete Vibe!

Want to restrict the Controls to specific members? Meridian lets you do it with its DJ Role System. Meridian lets you setup specific roles as DJ Roles which can be assigned to members to whom you want to restrict the controls to. The voice logs can also be setup to monitor the activity of the members. Have an eye on the activity of what the server members do in the voice channel.

Following are the reasons why Meridian should be your only choice while considering a Music Bot: • Active Development: Developers behind Meridian are constantly working to provide and improvise the quality which Meridian offers you. Many new features are also being developed across various categories. • Ease of Operation: Meridian is an easy-to-use Music Bot. Every command and feature was developed while aiming towards simplicity while also being productive. • 24/7 and always free: Meridian is free-to-use. There are no hidden charges and the developers ensure than nothing will be charged as premium in future. Meridian is 24/7 and will never leave the voice channel unless Manually disconnected or asked to leave. • Cooperative Support and Documentation: Meridian Support Team is qualified to co-operate with our users and maintain discipline while trying to solve their queries. Meridian also has a detailed Documentation website where every aspect is explained in possible detail.

So what are you waiting for? Invite Meridian today!

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