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You have the opportunity to listen to music with various platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. Take advantage and add it to your server to be able to listen to music with your friends!



/help: With this command you can get a guide to handle the commands.

/info: Displays info about the currently playing song.

/pause: Pauses the music.

/play: Play music whit your favorite music platform.

/queue: Displays the current song queue.

/quit: Stops the bot and clears the queue.

/repeat: You can activate a repeat mode while listening to music.

/resume: Resumes the music.

/shuffle: Shuffles the queue.

/skip: Skips the current song.

/skipto: Skips to a certain track #

/volume: You can turn the volume up and down.


In the /play command you can find 3 playback options: /play youtube /play spotify /play soundcloud

Each command gives you 3 interaction options: -Music -Play list -Search

Except for the /play spotify command which will have: -Music -Playlist -Album


Usage example:

/play spotify playlist: url /play youtube song: url

This bot does not have any commands

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