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Luzz is an all-in-one entertainment bot for your Discord Server.

Some example of the the features are (but not limited to)

Social Economy

Luzz has a first-class support for a social economy system where users earn point as they chat and play some games for bonus points!

Level up messages can be disabled and the whole social economy systen can also be disabled if you don’t need it.

Upon invite, levelup messages and the social system are enabled by default.

Feel free to disable them via ,levelup disable or ,social disable


While Luzz’s purpose isn’t to be a moderation bot we still have moderation features to be convenient.

  • kick

  • ban

  • prune

and more…


Lot of fun commands to keep you entertained with Luzz.

And much much more… This is a brief description of the bot and the bot is under active development and it would be hard to keep this list updated, invite the bot and see for yourself!

[Invite Luzz] [Support Server] [Luzz Website]

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