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Who is Aya ♪ ? Aya is a discord bot that can play your favorite music at the highest quality.

Why Aya ♪? We recommend Aya specifically because of his special audio filters you can use. You can reverse the music, bass boost it, and even apply a nightcore filter to it!

Is the bot free to use? Yes, using all of the bot’s features is entirely free. We also offer 24/7 support in our Discord server! (You can find it at the command a!invite)

How do I use Aya ♪? Aya uses prefix commands, which can be viewed using a!help

What features does Aya ♪ have? Aya can play music, loop it, and even apply filters to it! You can also change his volume using the volume command!

What commands does Aya♪ have? a!play a!stop a!skip a!loop a!filter a!volume a!search

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